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Frequently Asked Questions

"Is this the real car from the movie?"

We're flattered!  But no, this isn't the actual movie car.  But it is an extremely accurate replica built by Kevin & Steve - two huge BTTF fans.

"Where are you located?"

Madison, WI.  But the Time Machine is available for events anywhere in the Midwest.

"What type of events do you do?"

We do it all!  Birthdays, weddings, corporate events, photo shoots, music videos, private parties, you name it.

"Do the electronics / sounds actually work?"

Yep!  Everything in the car works exactly like it does in the film.  You can turn on the Time Circuits, enter any date, initiate a time travel event and watch the Flux Capacitor come to life!

"Can I drive the car?"

Unfortunately, no.  Our insurance policy doesn't allow it.

"Do you have a regular DeLorean we can rent?"

Yep, we also have a stock DeLorean available if you'd prefer.

"I have a special rental request.  Can I talk to you about it?"

Of course!  Send us a message through our CONTACT page. 

"Does it go back in time?"

Well, it will take you back to your childhood - so, kind of!

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